Forestry Establishment / Afforestation

Enfor is involved in the planting and establishment of new forestry plantations.

Enfor has planted a wide range of sites and forest types across Ireland.

  • Commercial conifer – Sitka spruce, Douglas fir
  • Mixed hardwoods – Beech, sycamore, oak
  • Native woodland – Oak, birch, hazel woodland
  • Amenity woodlands

The Afforestation Scheme is administered by the Forest Service and offers grants for establishing and maintaining forest plantations. All landowners (farmers and non-farmers) are eligible to receive grant aid to plant new forestry on their lands.

The grant covers the costs of:

  • Scrub clearance
  • Site ground preparation (mounding, ripping)
  • Fencing to exclude stock, rabbits or deer
  • Tree purchase from nursery
  • Planting of trees.

The landowner receives an annual premium payment for a 15 year period. This premium ranges from €200 – €260 an acre depending on the species and forest type planted.

Enfor Ltd will develop and manage your forestry planting project from beginning to end. We cover all areas in Ireland so contact us to start the process.

Forestry Application process

  • Meeting to establish landowners forestry plans and objectives
  • Land survey and soil assessments
  • Species selection and site mapping
  • Grant application and paperwork submission
  • Monitoring of application progress and continuous liaising with Forest Service
  • Management of machine work, site planting and fencing
  • Final paperwork preparation

Plantation Maintenance

As part of the Afforestation Scheme, sites are maintained for the first four years. During this time sites are continuously monitored and works are carried out as required. These include:

  • Weed control (spraying, cleaning)
  • Replacement of dead or poorly performing trees
  • Application of fertiliser
  • Pruning of hardwood trees
  • Fencing repairs

Enfor Ltd ensures that during the critical first two years of a plantation, the best and most intensive maintenance is carried out. This means that the site is already well on its way to be established by the four year stage.

After the four year period the forestry site is inspected by the Forest Service to assess whether satisfactory establishment has been achieved. If the site is not up to standard then the forester must continue to maintain it. The costs for this site maintenance is covered by a maintenance grant paid out by the Forest Service.