Enfor Ltd was established in 2013. The goal of Enfor is to manage forestry in a sustainable and ethical manner, hence the name Enfor representing Environmental Forestry. Enfor is involved in afforestation but has a key focus in working with ongoing clients in forestry management practices such as thinning, harvesting and Continuous Cover Forestry.

The services offered by Enfor include;

Manus Crowley is the Managing Director and Forestry Consultant with Enfor Ltd. Manus has over 10 years work experience working in the forestry sector in Ireland.

In 2003, Manus completed a BSc in Environmental Biology at University College Dublin. In 2006, he trained as a Forester at Bangor University in North Wales by completing a MSc in Forestry. Since then, Manus has worked in Ireland in the forestry sector.

In 2007, Manus started working with a forestry contracting crew where he gained hands-on ground work experience. In 2009, he was employed by a large forestry management company as a forestry manager mainly involved in afforestation. However, Manus’ main interest lies with forestry management so in 2013 he set up Enfor to offer ongoing forestry management services to clients.

Manus is Treasurer and committee member of ProSilva Ireland who are actively involved in the promotion of continuous cover forestry, CCF, which is an alternative forestry management system. Prosiliva Ireland offers Manus the chance of continuous professional development of forestry skill set through training and international trips.